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Providing the needed atmosphere to be able to maintain growth processes at an optimum level.

All plant life is dependent on air and temperature for survival. A lack of air, or temperatures that are too hot or too cold will decrease the capabilities of all the other processes to operate at peak performance. Likewise, each company must create an environment that is conducive to supporting the other elements. Is the temperature comfortable? Is there free flowing interaction allowing for each team member to benefit from the others. Is the contribution of each individual cherished as part of the big picture.

What would be the symptoms?


  • Respect and gratitude between ownership/management and teams, as well as between all team members

  • Balanced contribution from each team member to further company growth

  • Active conversation and engagement of team members for feedback


  • Prevalent attitude of mistrust or suspicion within company; negative talk

  • Poor morale

  • Team members feeling disconnected or not viable contributors

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