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We exist to support and encourage healthy growth within small businesses, to sustain and improve the livelihoods of all of us.

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and an asset that we must all protect.

Every small business is started by an individual or group of people who excel at a specific activity, service or product. They are created from a dream of independence and a desire to contribute to the world around them. While this is admirable and to be fully supported, it does not necessarily mean there is a clear understanding of how to manage a company as a whole, or even what that may entail. Well meaning people can find themselves quickly lost in other facets of business that they have little knowledge of, or experience in. This can be frustrating, overwhelming and taking precious time that needs to be focused on growing the company.

This is not a failure, nor something to be ashamed of - but a wonderful challenge that can be overcome!

In a desire to "give back" from our years of experience and expertise, we made a decision to focus our skills in a way that would help small businesses lay their foundations, evolve, increase their potential, and overcome the obstacles that can so easily disrupt efficient and profitable production…. freeing up the time of the entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best!

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