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Daniel Hammer

Having started a corporate career early in life, I was targeted by Blizzard Entertainment when I was only 17 to move to Austin and join their team there in the opening of new corporate offices. Because of a strong work ethic, a desire for growth, and an environment that supported goal setting and mile stone achievements, I was able to move my career forward and over the next 13 years was promoted to management over several teams that each consisted of 2 managers and 30 frontline CSR’s. My management experience also encompassed partnering with global leadership to share best practices and departmental direction; setting global initiatives; being the point of contact for key projects, and providing direction for social media efforts for technical support.

In 2018 I left my position with Blizzard Entertainment, sold my home and went to travel the world. It was an eye opening experience I would recommend highly. Exploring new countries, cultures, ideologies and testing my inner strength to take on the adventure on my own was life changing.

When I returned I knew I did not want to return to a corporate position and decided to accept the offer to join Eylim in the desire to “give back” to small businesses, utilizing my years of management experience to help others succeed. I look forward to teaming up with you!

My full resume is available upon request.

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