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Necessary to the provide the fertile ground from which the seed (idea) can grow.

With any plant, the soil is the foundation of the growth. If the soil is rich and fertile, amended with the right nutrients, the seed will take root and have what it needs to sustain itself and create stability for growth. When soil is lacking in appropriate materials and nutrients, it can cause the plant to become sickly, and more vulnerable to pests and disease that interfere with growth.

Likewise, every company must have the right structures and protocols in place that support the root growth of the company, the foundation upon which everything is being built.

What would be the symptoms?


  • All team members have clear roles

  • Company structure is outlined

  • Protocols to carry out activities are defined with clear expectations

  • Rewards and disciplines with clear parameters

  • Safe place provided for team to be heard


  • Confusion of what's expected of team members

  • Authority not respected; decision makers struggling

  • Overlap of team roles creating inefficient use of time

  • Poor communication; poor company performance

  • Unresolved frustration expressed regularly

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