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To provide the right amount and timing of input that encourages growth.

While water is essential to a plants survival, too much can strangle and suffocate it, and too little can dry out resources, causing wilting or brittleness.

Likewise, every company must find that delicate balance where management of the team, structures, and protocols are being provided with enough input to allow those being managed to feel like valuable contributing members, as opposed to being choked out, or left to wither.

What would be the symptoms?


  • Goals being defined and held accountable to

  • Adherence to company structures and protocols maintained with both reward and discipline

  • Processes moving smoothly and efficiently

  • Obstacles being addressed in a timely manner with solutions being identified and implemented


  • Conflicting directions occuring within team

  • Double standards sending mixed messages

  • Inconsistencies that create instability in production or services

  • Distress/Hopelessness

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